Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Donate to the Boys and Girls Club

Brad Marsh with BGC Renfrew Calgary Club kids receives donations
from Flames Foundation, Alumni & Talisman Energ

It’s not always easy being a kid. Add to that the growing list of negative influences kids face today and one might even say they have the odds stacked against them. Luckily for everyone kids are flexible and resilient. A lot of times all kids need is the chance to succeed and grow their confidence in themselves. Give a child the opportunity to play in a positive environment and watch their confidence grow.

During a floor hockey game at the Kimount Boys and Girls Club in Vancouver a boy, no older than 11, tells Canuck’s Alumni Bon Murray and I between shifts, “You and Bob play forward, I have a better shot than you so pass the puck back to me and I’ll score from the point.” Bob and I were both taken aback. I can’t speak for Bob but I was taken aback with the confidence this kid had. Would he have this confidence in himself had it not been for the floor hockey league at the Boys and Girls Club? I somehow doubt it.

The kind of confidence kids gain by playing and growing in such a positive atmosphere shapes them into their adult lives. This confidence is the key to developing the attitude that they can conquer any challenge whether it is in school, interacting with their peers or later, in their careers. I love seeing the smallest kid running to the center of the floor for the puck drop instead of waiting on the sidelines. I love seeing the girls participating and more than holding their own against the boys. I love being in an atmosphere without any putdowns or negativity.

The Boys and Girls Club needs your help to provide thousands of kids with the opportunity to live up to their potential. Donations of any size can make a big difference in a kid’s life. It might be sending a kid to camp or it might be providing a meal for a boy or girl who hasn’t had anything to eat all day. It could be sports equipment or academic resources, whatever the end result, it starts with your donations. All it took for me was a few minutes with the kids to see why our ride is necessary and more importantly why you need to donate to your local Boys and Girls Club. It may not be much to you but it can mean the world to a kid in your community. 

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